JPFO offers several items such as DVDs, Books, and opportunities to join JPFO as well as make donations.

The JPFO Store


  • Bill of Rights Day

    Everything you need to celebrate December 15, Bill of Rights Day!

  • Donations

    Your donation to JPFO will help preserve your right to keep and bear arms

    and destroy ''gun control'' in America.

    Donations are tax-deductible under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3)

    as a non-profit educational organization.

  • Membership

    Options for joining JPFO to help support our mission

  • Gran'pa Jack Booklets

    A series of illustrated booklets with profound educational messages. Particularly useful for teaching children.(currently low on stock with some issues.)

  • JPFO Books

    Fiction and non fiction book publications.

  • Videos and CDs

    DVDs and CDs from JPFO

  • Lapel Pins

    The JPFO Lapel pin and the "Boot the BATFE" pin.

  • Promoting JPFO

    A simple card that can be given out to help promote JPFO. 100 pack.

  • Stickers

    Sometimes stickers can convey a strong message!

  • T-shirts

    JPFO T-Shirts in various colors and sizes which have the logo printed on.
    Some sizes may be in short supply.

  • JPFO Water Bottle

    Just the thing to have when out and about, particularly in the hot weather. Bottle has the JPFO logo.

  • "The Don't Mug Me Mug"

    Enjoy a cup of Joe with JPFO!
    “The Don’t Mug Me Mug”
    Support your right to keep and bear arms
    by bending your elbow!

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