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Join JPFO 2 Year


Please note - allow approximately 14 business days for delivery.

The free membership packets for new members can vary and includes such items as books, DVDs, clothing, promo, JPFO wallet cards, and other goodies we hope you'll enjoy!

Also, receive a free JPFO lapel pin with any two year new membership or two year renewal. Select one of the two pins described below:

The JPFO Logo pin has a black background with the Star of David gold-colored with ''JPFO'' in the middle of it, and the guns on each side are also gold-color. The pin is about an inch-and-a-quarter wide at the top, and about three-quarters-of-an-inch tall.

Our ''Boot the BATFE'' lapel pin is about 1-inch wide and 1-and-one-quarter-inches high. Enameled, gold lettering on black background with gold accents. (Limited quantities currently).

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